Unforgiven First Chapter Sneak Peek

Hullo all! I hope this finds you well. With a new year upon us I thought it would be fun to give you all a sneak peek of my upcoming vampire romance that should be ready for release in March. This story has been long in the making and I hope what you read here whets your appetite for more. Just click the read more link and it’ll lead you to the first chapter! Enjoy!

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An Introduction Of Sorts


How ever you have managed to stumble across this page, I welcome you. There isn’t much here at the moment, but that will change in a few months time as I will have news of my first release to share with you!

My name is Emlyn and I write paranormal romances as it states above. For now you can click that link at the top of the page that says ‘About Emlyn’ to read a little more about me.

See you in a couple of months!